Mr. Kingsley started experimenting with electronics in 1967 in his dad's garage. During his middle and high school years he completed all of the courses offered on electronics. He graduated high school in 1976 and enrolled at De-Vry Institute of Technology in Dallas Texas with a full curriculum of electronics.

After graduating from De-Vry he worked for two years at Mc Donnell Douglas Astronautics in St. Louis as part of a team assembling a prototype satellite. He learned how important quality components, workmanship, inspections and testing were to insure product reliability.

In 1980 he started working for St. Louis University in the Geophysics department as a field technician on the New Madrid Seismic Network. He learned a great deal about electronics design and prototyping from his supervisor Sean-Thomas Morressey. They were not able to purchase what they needed, so the electronics used for monitoring earthquakes were mostly designed, built and tested in house. Mr. Kingsley was promoted to Instrumentation Field Engineer before leaving in 1989.

From 1990 through 1999 Mr. Kingsley worked at the St. Louis Science Center in the Exhibits Electronics department where he designed and built new exhibits as well as maintained exhibits throughout the facility. During this time he also began contracting his services designing electronic control panels for machinery, home and office automation, exhibits for museums and trade shows, and prototypes for electronic toys.


From 1999 through 2002 Mr. Kingsley worked for SBC as a second level help desk technician for DSL internet subscribers. During this period he continued to do contracting work. As the number and scope of projects grew larger, the decision was made to erect a 4000 square foot shop and devote his full attention to contracting.

Team Kingsley LLC was formed in 2003.

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